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Junior Data Extraction Specialist

  • Vilnius, Vilniaus apskritis, Lithuania

Job description

Infare is an international company that consists of 100 colleagues working across the world, with the largest presence in Europe. Our main product is data that is collected, enriched, and distributed mainly to airlines but also to other business segments. We collect ~ 2.5-3 billion rows/day and that is quite a crazy number!

We are looking for a Junior Data Extraction Specialist, who could join a large Data Extraction team and help us to collect the data in all possible ways. We scrape, we use API, we use exclusive partnerships to get the data, and trust us, there’s a lot that we could teach about it.

If you started taking learning steps and are a curious, self-driven, and persistent person, this opportunity might be a great start to your career in the IT field! No matter if you just finished university or want to switch your career to a completely different field. The most important thing is a basic knowledge of programming and a huge motivation to grow.

Here’s what you’ll be responsible for:

  • Building new internet crawlers/robots (C#)
  • Maintaining and optimizing existing internet crawlers/robots
  • Analyzing data sources and finding the best ways to extract information
  • Get to know internal tools and monitoring systems
  • Solve easy and mid-level tasks

Job requirements

Skills we’re looking for:

  • Fundamentals and basic skills in any object-oriented programming language
  • A very structured and analytical way of working
  • Logical thinking, persistence, attention to detail
  • Excellent knowledge of written and spoken English

What we consider as a plus:

  • Experience with C#
  • Experience working with Regular Expressions
  • Basic knowledge of MS SQL
  • Knowledge of HTTP protocol (Request/Response, Cookies, Sessions, etc.)
  • Knowledge of data markup languages (XML/JSON/HTML)
  • Knowledge of APIs (REST, SOAP)

In return, we offer:

  • People centric & flexible company
  • Possibility to work remotely
  • Free daily lunches at the office
  • Health insurance
  • 5 extra days of holidays
  • A parking space at the office
  • A gaming zone with a console, VR, table tennis, foosball and all that jazz
  • Salary range: from 1820 to 2150 EUR gross

The recruitment process you may expect:

  • 1st screening interview with HR
  • Homework task (1 week to do it)
  • 2nd interview with Team Leads to review the homework

More about us:

At Infare, we build products that open doors to right decisions by the air travel industry. Since 2000, we have gathered, and we keep collecting a massive amount of data and insights that allow airlines to understand and to react to competitor behavior.

As air travel is becoming an increasingly large and competitive industry, fare intelligence is of vital importance. For this reason, our tools and products have become of major interest to airlines and airports in the past years: in fact, we have 19 of 20 world’s largest airlines as our customers on top of 200+ other carriers, and our business has been growing for years.

Data is at the core of our business, as we use it for our final products such as Pharos, Altus and others. However, we need to gather the data from APIs and/or extract it from airline websites, meta-search and online travel agent sites. This is where our 30+ data collection team is crucial. Its members write, optimize, maintain, and improve ~16000 of our robots/crawlers, and overcome challenges such as volume, quality, dynamism and even blocking on the daily basis.

While we seek quality, integrity, and consistency in the data we deliver to our customers, the funniest part about data extraction is that there’s no single rule or method to collect it: the solution is custom every time and it’s our engineers who have total liberty to come up with it!